Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My sweet Brazilian boy

Wow!  In three years of blogging, this is the longest I've ever gone without posting.  One reason was that I slept at my parents' computerless house (in town) for a couple of nights.

We had a spring blizzard, complete with much snow and freezing rain and it was much safer to not travel on the treacherous, icy highway.

But the main reason for not being available is that I've been keeping company with Lucas, the sweet young man from Brazil, three times in the past week alone.  Lucas has a forestry degree and is attending university in my town for 18 months.  He is very smart and earned a coveted place in an English-language training programme funded by the Brazilian government.

He is 6'-0", 168 pounds, slim with the hint of abs and the sweetest baby face which causes him much distress.  In fact, he's growing a goatee to make him look more mature.   "I wish I was older!"

I laughed and told him: (1)  Lucas, you will be old all too soon and (2) below the waist, you are all man!  He has a long, beautifully fat, responsive, uncut cock.

After three years of hookups, I finally broke my own rule about sleeping with someone younger than my oldest kid:  my daughter is 22 and Lucas, sweet boy, is 21.

He came to my house on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and we spent the next five hours together in bed without a break, kissing for hours, both aggressively and sweetly, at times holding each others lips motionless against the other's.  We massaged each other and did much ass play and mutual 69s.

After much edging, I finally made Lucas and me cum and then he promptly fell asleep(!), snoring gently, our naked bodies intertwined.  I also napped as Lucas cuddled against me like a warm, cuddly puppy dog.  Round two followed the same pattern;  an hour of kissing and erotic play with both of us cumming.  This time he arranged himself against me in a spoon-like fashion and again, fell asleep instantly.

Round three ended with him cumming yet again but as for me, I was done!  Throughout our several times together, we talked about our respective lives.  Facts about Lucas:
  1. He's from an upper middle-class family in Sao Paulo where his father owns a large forestry company and his mother's a doctor.
  2. Lucas was accelerated at private school and started university at 16. 
  3. He is a self-described nerd (not true!) and said modestly, "I'm a good boy!"
  4. Before Lucas came to my town in October, he had no training in English at all.
  5. He speaks English remarkably well but I often have to rephrase using simpler words before he understands what I'm saying. 
  6. Lucas understands the difference between "come" and "cum."  lol   
  7. As a result of his mainly vegetarian diet, he has the sweetest cum I've ever tasted.
  8. Lucas has travelled extensively in South America but never in North America.
  9. He misses his mother and her cooking.  Brazilians eat beans and rice as a staple with lots of vegetables and maybe a fragment of chicken or pork added.  
  10. Said Lucas:  "You never see a fat Brazilian."
  11. He has had girlfriends but realized he liked men at 19.  He wasn't a gay virgin when he met me but had very few M2M experiences.
  12. He is not out to anyone in Canada (except me) nor to his family in Brazil. 
  13. Lucas said that Brazil is not particularly gay- accepting.  As to coming out to his family, he said:  "I don't want to think about that right now."
  14. He hates the traffic congestion and the pollution of Sao Paulo and is not certain that he wants to return.
And to the Debbie Downers out there, I am not being a foolish, smitten old middle-aged man.  I know that Lucas will eventually move on to other men.  In any case, he will leave Canada one year.  But I know that my time with him so far will rank among one of my life's sweetest, most memorable experiences.

I wish I could find myself a sweet Brazilian man like Lucas ..... but one who is 30 years older......


  1. No judgement here. He sounds like a sweet and tender man. You sound happy. Enjoy your time together.

    1. Thanks, MAC! He is very sweet! And although he's so young, he's taught me a great deal about slowing down during love-making.... we kiss for hours without my former great rush to go for the Big Prize.

  2. Ditto, enjoy your time and you know what? Latino men rules!! Slurp!

    1. Thanks, Rick! Sweet Brazilian boy is my first Latino and I would have to agree!

  3. Me again... I've mentioned this here before, I've been in a LTR for four years now and my partner is 45 years old whereas I'm 24. In the beginning he acted just like you're acting now, he thought we were just a fling and I'd find someone as young as me, however, I've never considered such thing. I think you should believe what you told Lucas: "Below the waist we're all men"! Another thing, 45% of Brazilian population is currently overweight and 15% of the population is considered obese, I think that was a misconception of him. Keep with the good work... I love your words

    1. Hey Chandler,

      First of all, thank you for your kind words about my writing! I enjoy crafting the accounts that I tell and write them as close as possible to the time which they occur.

      "You never see a fat Brazilian" was a direct quote from him, but I can only assume he was referring to the crowd of athletic, soccer-playing university students he hung out with. I am quite sure you are correct about the rates of obesity in Brazil.

      I respect your successful relationship with a man 21 years older. Congratulations! But seriously, I could not imagine a similar situation between Sweet Brazilian Boy and me.... I'm THIRTY ONE years older!

  4. no judgements from me, honey; to each his own! enjoy the ride!

  5. He sounds like a very nice and kind young guy. Age? Bah! I don't worry about that. I've been with guys twice my age and with ones half my age; what matters is compatibility. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't have married a woman 13 years my junior!

    1. He is very nice and kind.... but is far younger than half my age. lol

  6. Enjoy yourself Buddy. I can like guys whether they are 20 years older or 20 years younger. He sounds like a sweetie.

    1. Thanks, Justin! I am 51.5 years old and have hooked up with guys in the age range of 19 to 58. (more on the 19 year old on my next post)

  7. It's great you are having a good time with a sweet guy! Why would anyone judge that?!? Oh yeah, because there are jerks everywhere!

    Anyway, cool post! Glad you're having a wonderful end of winter.

    Peace <3

    1. So far, no one has actually judged me for this... I was just anticipating disapproval. I've told my closest straight colleagues at work about my Sweet Brazilian Boy and they are very happy for me.

  8. Just curious how you met his guy?

    1. Brazilian Boy messaged me on Grindr from a completely blank profile. By the way, my Grindr profile has my full face picture and my accurate stats: age, weight and height but no other comments or information. He picked me primarily because of my picture ("You're so handsome!") and because of my age ("Daddy.")

      In my smallish city, this is rather brave of me because as a teacher, I know that many former students (for all I know, current students) who will see my photo and recognize me.

      But I have extensive chats with whoever messages me to avoid any explicit conversation or hookups with anyone in my schools community, whether a past or present student or the father of a student.

  9. I am in my 60s and would love to find a Brazilian (top) in his 40-50s, too. Maybe we can take a trip together to look? Sounds like the men are like the Frenchmen I saw a couple years ago, "no butts." I now measure Americans by "three Frenchmen wide" etc. Just found your blog and like it. Thanks!

  10. I enjoyed reading about your adventure...I sure can relate to it too...I like being cuddle and his penis kept working on my navel....That was the only problem........Plus I didn't like being on the bottom. He weight too much. Finally I got on top and did my things...and fell asleep together cuddling and then we both ejaculated......He told me his sperm was a gift of love to me.....


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